May 20, 2011

pabloientile meets Bob Harper

pabloientile meets Bob Harper

Name: Bob Harper
where: Torrance, California USA
twitter: -

there are some friends, they like pencils, just like me!
thanks BOB!!!!

see some of his work here

May 3, 2011

Spis and Deli Murals

hej, hej!
i was asked at Yanina Robertsson to paint the walls of a new restaurant in Halmsad, Sweden so here isthe result, i hope you like them

spis and deli 1
spis and deli back 3spis and deli frontspis and deli 1spis and deli front 1spis and deli front 2spis and deli front 3
spis and deli front 4spis and deli front 5spis and deli front 6spis and deli back 1spis and deli back 2spis and deli back 2
spis and deli back + mespis and deli back + mespis and deli back all

Spis and Deli, a set on Flickr.