April 14, 2011

pabloientile meets Oscar llorens

pabloientile meets oscar llorens

i see, the spring begins and te musicians play on the streets! look at some i´ve met yesterday,

Name: Oscar llorens
Where: Madrid
Website/blog: www.ollorens.com/ www.ollorens.com/blog

see some of his work here

April 13, 2011

My stuff - Loser, you need a job

i get a really nice Fax today, here it is,,,
loser you need a job

April 11, 2011

my stuff - sozi is reading her book

surprisly i´ve found my drawing on sozi´s facebook page!
sozi reading a book

the link here

here is the drawing:
Sozi reading us her idea

April 1, 2011

character totem for inkgoodness

so, it was very fast, it was the last day for submit myy character totem for inkgodness, and i did it! I hope they like it...

character totem