August 25, 2010

my stuff - Myspace frontpage

Hey guys! we were at Myspace frontpage with the last Alex Ferreira Video -Dije lo que Dije -

watch the Video here

August 20, 2010

my stuff - at Brianda Buscando Blog

hey girls & boys! my work at "Brianda Buscando Blog" for Yodona/
Thanks Brianda!

August 17, 2010

my stuff - vote me for Santander 2016

Are you in Myspace? Now you can vote me as Illustrator for Santander 2016, i´m one of the 50 who can win! please vote here

Estais en Myspace? ya podeis votarme como uno de los 50 seleccionados como mejor ilustrador para Santander 2016, vota aqui

thank youuuuuuuu! :)

August 11, 2010

August 6, 2010

August 4, 2010

my stuff - presentation -dije lo que dije-

hey! the next Alex Ferreira Video " dije lo que dije " is almost finished!
i´m so happy about that and we will present it exclusively for you!

19th August
corredera alta de San Pablo 26

See you there!

for more info the Facebook event:!