April 3, 2012

this is not funny - ghost town

ayy la crisis del ladrillo, cuanto mal!

September 9, 2011

posters iaw

posters are arrived and look great!

August 30, 2011

pabloientile meets Eduardo Bertone

oh, there is a lila guy looking like me,

Name: Eduardo Bertone
Where: Madrid
Website/blog: www.bertoneeduardo.com
twitter: http://twitter.com/bertoneeduardo

check also his online-shop http://www.guchagucha.com/

to see the complete serie of meeting visit my blog http://pabloientile.blogspot.com/search/label/pabloientilemeets

July 8, 2011

drawing for theIOUproject

pablo lengua

iouproject detail

drawing for The IOUproject at Bread&Butter

i was painting with TudorBaican at the stand of TheIOUproject,


more info at http://iouproject.com/

July 7, 2011

New Project

sorry my dears, i was lost the last days! i had a lot to do. I´m also happy to announce,,,,,,


the project calls ILLUSTRATION AROUND THE WORLD and it will take in Asia at the end of this years. It will be 5 months of travelling, drawing and meeting artist in this for me new and fascinating continent,

check the project here and if you have any recommendations or you know someone there, would make me very happy!


June 21, 2011

pabloientile meets lide design

pabloientile meets lide design

i like weird guys! but at most when they are Black!

Name: Christian Lindemann / Lindedesign
where: Burgdorf, Germany
Website/blog: www.lindedesign.de
twitter: twitter.com/lindedesign

see more of his work here

June 14, 2011

animal collective in Madrid

i have the pleasure to present the poster art for the next concert of animal collective in Madrid, thanks to Heart of gold for asking me for the job

animal collective live in madrid

June 13, 2011

pabloientile meets Aki

a lot of tiny guys are playing with me! happy days

pabloientile meets Aki

Name: Akinori Oishi
Where: Japan
Website: aki-air.com
Blog: blog.aki-air.com

see more of his work here

June 8, 2011

pabloientile meets celsius pictor

pabloientile meets celsius pictor

this week i´ve met a real weird family, that made me really happy!

Name: Celsiuspictor (celso martinez)
Where: Madrid
Website/blog: www.celsiuspictor.com
twitter: www.twitter.com/celsiuspictor

see some of his work here

May 20, 2011

pabloientile meets Bob Harper

pabloientile meets Bob Harper

Name: Bob Harper
where: Torrance, California USA
Website: www.bobharper.net
twitter: -

there are some friends, they like pencils, just like me!
thanks BOB!!!!

see some of his work here

May 3, 2011

Spis and Deli Murals

hej, hej!
i was asked at Yanina Robertsson to paint the walls of a new restaurant in Halmsad, Sweden so here isthe result, i hope you like them

spis and deli 1
spis and deli back 3spis and deli frontspis and deli 1spis and deli front 1spis and deli front 2spis and deli front 3
spis and deli front 4spis and deli front 5spis and deli front 6spis and deli back 1spis and deli back 2spis and deli back 2
spis and deli back + mespis and deli back + mespis and deli back all

Spis and Deli, a set on Flickr.

April 14, 2011

pabloientile meets Oscar llorens

pabloientile meets oscar llorens

i see, the spring begins and te musicians play on the streets! look at some i´ve met yesterday,

Name: Oscar llorens
Where: Madrid
Website/blog: www.ollorens.com/ www.ollorens.com/blog

see some of his work here

April 13, 2011

My stuff - Loser, you need a job

i get a really nice Fax today, here it is,,,
loser you need a job

April 11, 2011

my stuff - sozi is reading her book

surprisly i´ve found my drawing on sozi´s facebook page!
sozi reading a book

the link here

here is the drawing:
Sozi reading us her idea

April 1, 2011

character totem for inkgoodness

so, it was very fast, it was the last day for submit myy character totem for inkgodness, and i did it! I hope they like it...

character totem

March 31, 2011

My stuff - We are all freaks

yes, i know we are all freaks, - on the streets of Berlin -

March 28, 2011

pabloientile meets Arturo Mosquera


Name: Arturo Mosquera
where: Vigo, spain
web: www.afreelance.es

i have to confess, i like girls, but i like very strange girls at the most...

see some of his work here

March 25, 2011

my stuff - sent from my ipad 2

thank God it is friday!
sent from my ipad 2

March 23, 2011

my stuff - Yeti for Pictoplasma

i´ve send this yeti for the pictoplasma missing link project,
i hope they like it!


and what if we create a t-shirt with him!


March 22, 2011

My stuff - from Madrid to Berlin

en los viajes entre Madrid y Berlin, pasan cosas,,
on the travel from Madrid to Berlin a lot of things happens,

from Madrid to Berlin

March 21, 2011

pabloientile meets Andy Smith

pabloientile meets Andy Smith

do you really want to know what I am?

Name: Andy Smith
where: Hastings, UK
Website: www.asmithillustration.com
Blog: www.andysmithillustrator.blogspot.com
twitter: twitter.com/andysmithdraws

see some of her work here

March 18, 2011

My stuff - Domville poster

i´m happy to announce,
i´ve create this poster for the BDKJ,
thanks to Antje for this great collaboration, :)

Domville for the bdkj

March 17, 2011

pabloientile meets Amaia Arrazola

pabloientile meets Amaia Arrazola

someone is dressing up like me, but she looks better then i do!

Name: Amaia Arrazola
Where: barcelona, spain
Website: www.amaiaarrazola.com
blog: www.aamaiaa.blogspot.com/
twitter: twitter.com/amaia84

see some of her work here

March 14, 2011

My stuff - #prayforjapan

Japan, we send you a lot of love!

March 10, 2011

my stuff - poster BDKJ

Antje Mädler asks me to create a poster for the sommer-party-meeting "Domville", here is a preview, i hope next can i show you the finished version

March 9, 2011

my stuff - Metal

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i like Metal rock!!!!!!

March 8, 2011

my stuff - yorokobu cover

last december i did a cover design for Yorokobu,
i wanted to show the last version and some sketches

yorokobu cover_sketches v1

yorokobu cover_sketches v2